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Personal Injury/Wrongful Death:

LF v. RP, (Lake County) – 46 year old housewife struck in cross-walk after walking her children to neighborhood school bus stop. She suffered a torn meniscus of her left knee, concussion, cubital tunnel syndrome and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Defendant driver’s insurance company’s highest offer was $130,000 and they rejected trial judge’s suggestion of high low verdict of minimum $150,000- maximum $250,000. Jury returned a verdict of $180,000.

Estate of CP vs. Nursing Home, (Lake County) $1,000,000 settlement for the death of a 36 year old nursing home resident suffering from cp and mild mental retardation. The deceased strangled to death on a wheelchair restraint.

LK vs. Menards, et  al., (Cook County). 1.2 million settlement for housewife who suffered mild traumatic brain injury when she was caused to fall and strike the back of her head after delivery man of defendant insisted that it was company policy for customer to assist in unloading delivered product, 300 lb. windows.

Estate of KL vs. RW (Du Page County). Maximum insurance policy of $300,000 paid for wrongful death of 14 year old killed instantly from blunt head trauma as the result of an auto accident when a car carrying the minor slid into the rear of a truck on an icy expressway. Minor damage to vehicle, no medical bills and 3 others in the vehicle were not injured.

AM v. JYK (Cook County) $250,000 settlement for broken leg of motorcyclist struck by vehicle making illegal turn. ($100,000 paid by car driver’s insurance and $150,000 paid by clients under insurance policy).

DW vs. State of Illinois, (Illinois Court of Claims)  $90,000 verdict obtained at trial for motorcyclist who suffered a broken leg when he crashed after hitting a pothole. The case was tried in the Court of Claims against the Illinois Attorney General of the State of Illinois. The maximum award allowed in the Court of Claims for personal injury is $100,000.

MG vs. IB (Cook County) $42,500 settlement for dog bite to plaintiff’s arm that became infected.

DG vs. Stables at BlanMar Hills, (Lake County) Obtained $45,000 settlement for horse owner who suffered broken ankle when she slipped in snow and ice covered hoof prints. Settlement was obtained even though plaintiff had signed waiver and questionable liability given the Illinois Equine Liability Act.

Probate and Trust Litigation

RC vs. AO Individually and as Trustee of the WST Trust, (Lake County) beneficiary of a trust challenged an amendment to the trust based on undue influence of the deceased that was mentally competent but was suffering from various physical infirmities that were not life threatening. Through mediation the beneficiary was awarded over seven times (7x) the amount under the disputed amendment to the trust.

Estate of BG (Cook County). Obtained directed finding at trial in favor of the estate where petitioner attempted to re-open the estate claiming to be an illegitimate heir that was not notified.

Estate of PV, (Cook County). Successfully won declaratory judgment action at trial pertaining to $125,000 P.O.D. account (pay on death account) for beneficiaries where bank lost or misplaced the required signed account agreement. The matter was affirmed on appeal in an unpublished opinion. In addition, successfully challenged spousal award requested of $135,000 and obtained waiver of spouse’s forced share after renunciation of wife’s will and waiver of bequest of marital trust due to conflicts of interest and breaches of fiduciary duty.

Estate of LB, ( Cook County), successfully obtained settlement that required estate to convey real estate to client who was an heir and claimed she paid the deceased for the subject property pursuant to an oral agreement that was disputed by the other heirs.

Estate of HR, (Cook County), successfully obtained declaratory judgment voiding contracts to purchase real estate allegedly entered into by the ward to sell 2 condominiums substantially below market value.

Estate of JTN, represent corporate guardian of minor’s estate worth over $13,000,000.

General Civil and Business Litigation

DG vs MG, (Cook County). Successfully obtained summary judgment in declaratory judgment action to enforce partnership dissolution agreement. The matter was affirmed on appeal in an unpublished opinion.

WO vs. Real Estate Company (Cook County). Won bench trial for payment of over $30,000 for commercial broker’s commission in breach of contract action.

RR vs. BS, (Cook County), successfully prosecuted fraud and claim under the Residential Real Estate Disclosure Act. Seller’s and realtors failed to disclose major flooding problem that required pump to be placed in ductwork that ran through foundation of the home. Client fortunately sold property as a tear down for more than purchase price which mitigated damages but defendants settled by reimbursing plaintiff over $30,000 in attorney’s fees.

TI Inc. vs. JM, (Cook County) successfully won motion to dismiss 8 count complaint against client accused of breach of contract, fraud, interference with contract, seeking money damages, accounting and permanent injunction. Plaintiff is appealing.
“On appeal, the dismissal on all counts was affirmed and the case was remanded for our client to be compensated for additional attorney’s fees in defending the appeal.”

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