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Over the highs and lows of the real estate market during the last two decades, the experienced attorneys and staff of CHARLES T. NEWLAND & ASSOCIATES have been there, representing clients at competitive reasonable fees with legal services that are second to none. At CHARLES T. NEWLAND & ASSOCIATES, we understand that the buying or selling of your property could be one of the most significant transactions of your life, regardless of whether the property involved is a one bedroom condominium or a sprawling multilevel mansion. We have successfully closed literally tens of thousands of real estate transactions, including, residential, commercial and farmland properties from the most northern parts of Lake County, Illinois throughout the Chicagoland area and down to Champaign County. No matter what your experience is with buying or selling real estate, at CHARLES T. NEWLAND & ASSOCIATES, we understand that it can be a stressful time and we know that for many people their first interaction with the legal profession is when they are buying or selling property. Therefore, we offer top notch service at a fee you can afford because our philosophy is that if we make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible, you will know to come back to us for the many other legal services we provide with equal care. Appropriately, it is the vast experience and knowledge we have obtained through doing real estate transactions that has often given us the edge over opponents in litigation matters that involve issues concerning real estate. In addition, we know that referrals are the greatest form of flattery and appreciation. That is why we are humbled by the numerous real estate agents, attorney colleagues and clients that refer new clients to us for legal representation for real estate matters. Whether you are buying or selling your residence, the attorneys and staff of CHARLES T. NEWLAND & ASSOCIATES will be in constant communication with you and your realtor to take you through every stage of the contract: from attorney review and inspection periods, mortgage and home sale contingency clauses, preparation of any and all closing documents and of course, representation at the closing itself, all for one set fee. We also offer experienced legal representation in the areas of commercial purchases and sales, leases and 1031 exchanges for a competitive and reasonable fee.

In many states, the parties to a real estate transaction don’t use attorneys because it is presumed that the buyer’s lender is aligned with the interests of the buyer and the title company will do the document preparation for the seller. That is not the case in the State of Illinois. Don’t make the mistake of being unrepresented by competent legal counsel for your real estate transaction. Contact CHARLES T. NEWLAND & ASSOCIATES to assist you through the process and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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