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What is Probate?

A Death Probate is the legal process that oversees the assets and expenses of deceased person. During probate, creditors can file claims to collect on debts of the deceased and then the remaining assets are distributed among the named beneficiaries.

What is Covered Under Probate Law?

Probate law not only deals with the distribution of assets after death, but also with issues of guardianship/power of attorney for a disabled person or minor who is still living.

What is a Will Contest?

A will contest is the legal action taken to challenge the legitimacy of a will or its terms. This court action is typically taken by parties who believe the will is invalid, was made under malicious or undue influence, duress, coercion  or even forged.

What if the Deceased Didn’t Have a Will?

Death probate deals with testate (will) and intestate (no will) cases. If there is no will, our lawyers will work with the heirs and creditors to divide the assets according to state law in Illinois.

What is an Executor?

This is the person named in the will who is designated to carry out the wishes of the deceased. An executor’s duties include locating all legal documents (wills, deeds, trusts, etc.), notifying Social Security, pensions, annuities and other such parties of the deceased’s passing and more. This person should be familiar with the deceased’s wishes prior to death if at all possible, although it is not necessary.

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