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Every business will at some point or another likely find itself facing a business dispute. Even if you take diligent care to operate your business fairly, legally, and ethically, you will likely experience the pains of business litigation. In these situations, you need a business dispute attorney who understands your needs in light of your business objectives.

For more than 25 years, the Chicago business attorneys at Charles T. Newland & Associates have been helping businesses deal with a variety of business disputes and litigation needs. Our Chicago business litigation attorneys represent clients in connection with the following:

Our Chicago business litigation attorneys will fight to protect your rights and business interests, while providing practical advice and guidance along the way. Whether you are dealing with business fraud allegations, a non-compete violation, or business disputes, the civil litigation attorneys at Charles T. Newland & Associates are here to help. Contact our office at (847) 797-9300 to speak with one of our Chicago business litigation attorneys.

Business Litigation Attorneys

If a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations or arbitration proceedings, our Chicago business litigation attorneys are prepared to take even the most complex business disputes to trial in order to obtain a favorable outcome for the client. Our legal team includes attorneys who focus on non-compete disputes, business fraud matters, and other civil litigation issues. Moreover, if a client is facing a legal issue that is outside our area of proficiency, we will draw on our vast network of prominent attorneys in the Chicago area who practice in a variety of other legal disciplines in order to provide our clients with the superior service and advice that they expect.

Business Fraud Attorneys

Allegations of business fraud can be difficult to prove since they require proof of fraudulent intent. Nonetheless, allegations of business fraud can be particularly damaging to the reputation and business operations of a company. Our business fraud attorneys defend clients who have been accused of business fraud, as well as those clients who have been the victim of fraud.

Non-Compete Lawyers

Disputes involving non-compete agreements are one of the most common types of business disputes. At Charles T. Newland & Associates, our non-compete lawyers have considerable experience handling disputes about non-compete agreements, including issues that often come into play such as whether the agreement was overly restrictive or signed under duress.

Breach of Contract Lawyers

Because contracts are essential to the operation of any business, it is no surprise that many business disputes involve a breach of contract. Our business litigation attorneys handle contract breach disputes such as the failure to complete a job, the substitution of inferior goods, or completion of the job behind schedule without justification.

Business litigation can also arise from internal shareholder or partner disputes. Because shareholder or partner disputes involve unique challenges and issues, it is important to hire a civil litigation lawyer who understands these unique challenges.

Contact our office at (847) 797-9300 to speak with one of our Chicago business litigation attorneys. We represent clients in Arlington Heights, Chicago, the Northwest Suburbs, and Lake County.

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We represent clients in Arlington Heights, Chicago, the Northwest Suburbs, and Lake County. Contact our office at (847)797-9300 to schedule a free consultation.

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