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Dying Intestate in Illinois

Written by Charles Newland

A sick old person, estate planningWhen an Illinois resident dies without establishing a will, the State of Illinois will provide an “estate plan” for the deceased. Unfortunately, the state’s plan for asset distribution may not always coincide with the wishes of the deceased. When a will or other estate planning documents are absent upon an individual’s death, it is referred to as the person having died “intestate”. Upon an intestate death, the deceased’s property is passed to his or her heirs under the Illinois intestacy succession laws.

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Taking Control Of End-Of-Life Care With Living Wills

Written by Charles Newland

Lawyers are helping a senior, living will Living wills, advanced directives and health care powers of attorney are all estate-planning documents that allow people to control their end-of-life treatment and who will be able to make medical decisions for them. When people near death, they may be unable to tell their medical team what kinds of care that they would like to receive. End-of-life care is a highly personal decision, and if a person Read More

Copies of Estate Planning Documents May Not Be Enough

Written by Charles Newland

A pen with faded paper, probateIn recent years, advances in technology has enabled Americans to maintain digital files and copies of documents almost effortlessly. While the temptation to do away with paper copies of important documents in an effort to clear away clutter and become better organized is strong, when it comes to estate planning documents, copies may not be legally sufficient. Although backing up estate planning documents such as wills, trusts and powers of attorney with digital copies is always a good idea, a probate lawyer cannot stress enough how critical it is to keep original documents safely stored and accessible.

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Why You’re Never Too Young to Think About Estate Planning

Written by Charles Newland

A family selling a house, Estate PlanningWhen most people think of estate planning, they think of older people, or individuals who are extremely wealthy. They very rarely think about estate planning for younger, more ordinary individuals unless the person leads a very risky lifestyle or there is a serious illness involved. Unfortunately, the misconception that only the old, rich, or sick need an estate plan can leave Americans with no control over their medical care, their assets, or their children when the time comes.
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Planning for Succession in a Living Trust

Written by Charles Newland

estate planning attorneyCreating a living trust through an experienced estate planning attorney allows maximum control over trust assets during a lifetime. Planning for succession with a revocable living trust will protect assets in case of physical or mental incapacity due to age or illness. Appointing a successor trustee early will assure that assets are managed according to plans for beneficiaries.
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Putting Your Last Wishes in Writing

Written by Charles Newland

living will lawyersA living will, known as a declaration in Illinois, is a document everyone should have. Whether a terminal illness is in the picture, of simply proactively expecting the unexpected, a living will makes sure an individual’s healthcare and final wishes are crystal clear. For family and loved ones, a living will provides easy to follow instructions that can help them make difficult decisions during a highly emotional time. A living will should also be paired with a durable power of attorney appointing a guardian to be responsible for carrying out these wishes.
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