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The Four Types of Illinois Advanced Directives

Written by Charles Newland

signing Directives, living will,The federal government has laws that require certain types of health care facilities to tell patients their rights upon entry, but they do not cover what will happen in the event that the patient is unable to understand those rights. To ensure that patients have some form of control over their care, even if they are unconscious, Illinois has four types of advanced directives. Read More

The Differences Between A Trust And A Will

Written by Charles Newland

trust word, estate planningWills and trusts are two common legal instruments of estate planning. A will is a legal declaration of an individual’s wishes for the distribution of their assets after they have died. A trust also provides for asset distribution upon death, but can also control assets during the client’s lifetime and can place parameters on distribution after death.One of the major differences between a will and a trust is that a will must go through the process of probate for the distribution of assets of a deceased person, whereas Read More

Little Known Facts About Revocable Living Trusts

Written by Charles Newland

"Did you know" words shown on a newsletter, living trust factsThere are a few facts about revocable living trusts that might seem a bit surprising to many individuals who are interested in this effective estate planning tool. While a living trust is often an adequate solution for avoiding lengthy probate and the expenses that are associated with this burdensome process, it may not be the right choice for everyone. Before deciding to create a living trust, it is advised that consumers learn the facts and compare their options. Read More

Designing an Estate Plan to Survive a Legal Challenge

Written by Charles Newland

quill drafting, estate planningTaking certain precautions when drafting estate-planning documents can help to avoid future legal challenges by disgruntled family members. One common will contest involves allegations that the family members were incompetent when they drafted their wills. Others may involve arguments that the testators were unduly coerced when they drafted their wills or that the wills were not properly executed. A legal challenge is far less likely to prevail if the decedent demonstrated his or her competence. Spouses may want to hire separate attorneys to prepare their wills in order to prevent future conflicts. Read More

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