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Preparing to Declare Bankruptcy in Illinois

Written by Charles Newland

A couple are calculating, bankruptcyThorough planning and preparation are required when filing for bankruptcy. Individuals preparing to file bankruptcy must complete several steps in order to ensure that best outcome of the proceedings. A bankruptcy lawyer can help prepare the necessary documentation that shows the financial position of the individual and their inability to pay the debts they owe.

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Rights of Creditors in Question

Written by Charles Newland

Swiping a credit card, bankruptcyThe rights of creditors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act are being reviewed by the United States Supreme Court. Currently, the law prohibits creditors from filing claims for time-barred debts. However, a recent split between the Circuit Courts means that this may change.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Explained

Written by Charles Newland

A sad couple, bankruptcyChapter 7 bankruptcy is a useful tool for some individuals to discharge most of their debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or “straight bankruptcy,” allows the filer to keep certain property exempt, while the rest is liquidated to satisfy the debt. Liquidation is the forced sale of an asset to satisfy an obligation, like loans or credit. The Bankruptcy Trustee would liquidate all of the filer’s non-exempt property to satisfy outstanding debts.

The credits then accept the payments in satisfaction of the debt; often it can be pennies on the dollar. Anything that is unpaid is discharged by the bankruptcy court.

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Life After Filing Bankruptcy

Written by Charles Newland

A couple holding hands, bankruptcy attorney Many people facing bankruptcy are hesitant to file because of the negative impact it may have on their future. Although getting a car loan, mortgage or credit card will be more difficult in the short term, it is not impossible and as long as you keep your debts down and maintain your job status afterwards, your credit will rebound faster than you think. A bankruptcy attorney can explain the negative impacts on a person’s specific situation.

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Debts that Must Be Paid after Bankruptcy

Written by Charles Newland

Books and a gavel, bankruptcyBankruptcy is a legal way to get a clean financial slate, but there are some limitations. When people file for personal bankruptcy in Arlington Heights, they start a federal process that usually leads to a creditor meeting, court hearing or both.  They also put a pause on all debt collection. After a debtor has filed for bankruptcy, their creditors must wait for the results of the case. However, some of their debts may never go away, no matter what happens with their bankruptcy filing.
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Filing Bankruptcy Without Your Spouse

Written by Charles Newland

bankruptcy attorneyMarried couples can file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy together or separately. Understanding the impact of liability for the non-filing spouse is an important consideration before filing. A bankruptcy attorney who knows Illinois bankruptcy laws can provide legal advice for filing bankruptcy without a spouse.
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