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Aside from our experience and the quality of our work, what sets us apart from other law firms?

The answer is quite simple. It is our caring team approach that understands the importance of communicating with you. One of the biggest areas of attorney client dissatisfaction is the lack of communication. Good attorneys have unhappy clients simply because they fail to let their clients know that they are working for them. That is never a problem at Charles T. Newland & Associates. We pride ourselves on our communication with every client. You should never go more than 24 hours without a return phone call or an email from the attorney handling your matter. If for any reason one of our attorneys is unavailable, you will receive some form of communication from one of our knowledgeable staff member that will do their best to answer your questions, provide you needed updates and advise you as to when your attorney will be available to speak to you directly. We also make every effort to provide you with copies of any and all correspondence, pleadings or other filed or served documents so you know for a fact that we are working for you.

Laura Spencer

-Legal Assistant, Bankruptcy/Real Estate Specialist. Laura has been a legal assistant for over 14 years. Her expertise in the area of bankruptcy, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 is unmatched. She understands the sensitive nature of these procedures and handles each client matter with the utmost respect and dignity. Laura is also proficient in the area of residential real estate and her friendly approach and communication skills go a long way in ensuring that the client’s transaction will get done in a pleasant, efficient manner.

Our Professional Network

We strongly believe that you are judged by the company you keep. Therefore, we take great care in who we refer our clients to for professional services outside of our areas of expertise. Please know that we will only refer you to those professionals that we have used ourselves. If we don’t have firsthand knowledge of their ability to handle your matter, we won’t refer you to them.

Our Attorney Network

With over 2 decades of practicing law, Charles T. Newland & Associates has established and maintained solid working relationships with some of the most prominent attorneys in the Chicago metropolitan area that practice in a variety of disciplines such as: Labor & Employment Law, Domestic Relations, Divorce, Child Custody and Post Decree matters, Securities Litigation, Insurance Law, Construction Law, Commercial Real Estate, Environmental Law, Patent, Trademark, Copyright and other areas of intellectual property matters. If you have a case in one of these areas of expertise don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will see that you are referred to competent, experienced attorneys that will know how to handle your matter from start to finish with the same care we provide.

Other Professional Relationships

In addition to the networking relationships we have with attorneys in various practice areas we are proud of the working relationships we have established with other professionals, including: Certified Public Accounting firms that do tax work for businesses, individuals, estates and trusts; Financial Planners that assist clients with prudent investment choices for funds obtained through settlement, inheritance and other forms of income; Bank and Trust Companies that serve as executors and trustees for very modest to very wealthy estates and trusts; Health Care Management Companies that provide registered nurses, licensed social workers and other therapists to assist with special needs children or elderly disabled adults; Experienced Real Estate Agents and Management Companies to assist with buying, selling and management of residential and commercial real estate.

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